About this Blog

On this blog, I will document my observations and thoughts as I commute on public buses to and from Jalan Masjid Bus Station, Kuching, Sarawak (located on the Island of Borneo, Malaysia) weekly throughout the whole year of 2017. By the end of this year I wish to have a proper compilation of stories on each single ride I’ve been on, no matter how boring and uneventful they turn out to be.

Old picture, circa 2015.

The idea of starting this blog came after writing about some of my bus rides on my personal journal. Since November 2014, I’ve met beautiful souls, seen ugly scenes, talked to many strangers, and learnt from little things I’ve encountered throughout my rides.

Some of the rides fascinate me, while some are easily forgotten. It is the moments which fascinate me, which anger me, and which impact me that I want to document about, but looking back, some of the moments that changed me were the ones that appeared to be the most ordinary, boring, and mundane moments of all.

For that reason, here you’ll find the most ordinary, mundane moments documented, all through the eyes of a wandering passenger weaving through footsteps of familiar strangers.

And perhaps, hopefully, this year I’ll have little adventures and meaningful encounters worth sharing about.

All posts are written based on my own thoughts and observations. These neither represent nor reflect the view of other passengers. Names that appear here are purely made-up names. Descriptions of individuals are done without the intent to shame or harm, and no personal information of these individuals are revealed. Specific locations and timings are omitted unless both have nothing to do with any specific individuals mentioned in the posts. 

 Yet Another Disclaimer
I am clearly not very good at this, this whole thing about writing in a professional tone and all that. I mean..I created this blog to tell stories and practise writing. I don’t edit my stuff that much—typos and grammatical errors and all that. Almost half of the year is gone and I had just realised that I should just stick to my own voice. So yeah, uh, happy reading and enjoy the ride.