About the Passenger


Who am I?
An introvert in real life. I can be pretty shy around people, unless if I know them for more than two years. I’m not good at speaking with people and initiating conversations, but I love studying the opinions of others and listening to their life stories. I have a passion for reading since young, and I enjoy expressing my thoughts through writing.

I am the passenger, and here I am, documenting life, one bus ride at a time.

In a slightly less pretentious manner, I’d like to introduce myself as just another person you’d find walking in the streets, looking slightly scared of crossing the road. Beneath my constantly angry and troubled face lies a grin I suppress deep inside because my mother told me not to smile at strangers. I was told by a teacher that I am an awkward person, a description about myself that I openly embrace. In a perfect world, I’d like to actually be born as an approachable young man who could talk to almost everyone in the streets. When I grow old, my dream is to ride buses for free as I travel for miles to search for the best breakfast in town every day until the day I die.